New Website & Features on the Way!

New Website & Features on the Way!

We are happy to announce that our team are hard at work dragging our gaming business into this century, with a brand new website and webstore in the near future. This will (eventually) allow you to browse our live inventory, buy cards from us, sell cards to us based on a buylist, and keep track of your buys, sales, and store credit through your own account. This is a major step up from our current system and makes our website a vital part of our business.

Now, obviously this will take time, as we have a massive inventory and stock tons of specialty products and unique items - it's going to take a long while, especially with our limited staffing. Zack and I are spearheading this but it could be several weeks or even months until absolutely everything gets in there. But the effort will be worth it. If you wanted to head over to the website to check it out and see what will become our biggest factor to contributing to the success of our business in these coming months.

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