Baby Steps of Progress

Baby Steps of Progress

Wanted to share some strides we are making with and the webstore. We are learning more and more how useful it is and how best to set it up. Later today we should have at least an informative page on what consoles we currently have in stock and their prices. You are not able to purchase online yet, but this at least gives a visual indicator of our current levels without me having to take pictures daily as things sell or get restocked. Getting all the video game libraries uploaded into the selling client is going to take some time, so this is the best we can do in the meantime.

You can also see some progress on the categories and layout to the navigation of the webstore. We will prioritize getting stock numbers on the more popular sellers so you can at least see our current inventory on things like Gundams, D&D supplies, and Games Workshop product. Restocks on Gundams and a special bundle and pricing for D&D will be announced when we receive the product.

Hopefully we will have some resemblance of stock totals by the end of this week for some areas of our store. It will be some time before you can buy directly online, but the back end and inventory has to be "error tight" before we let that start happening.

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