Continued Backlog Through USPS

Continued Backlog Through USPS

The image used in this article is what the inside of a USPS distribution center here in Louisville currently looks like. There is a huge backlog of inbound and outbound packages that are currently sitting waiting to be sorted and delivered or shipped out to its destination. We would like to recommend anyone wanting timely delivery of items to select the expedited (UPS) marked shipping items whenever possible to ensure there is no delay. Do know that whenever it is feasible we do upgrade the shipping to UPS to bypass any delays, however with many cheaper shipments it can be too much of a financial burden to ship orders through UPS (the cheapest option can cost around $8 and can cost more based on distance, weight, and size of the package). It is very unfortunate that many of you will see a delay, but please rest assured we will do our best to get an item sent through the postal service on its way as fast as possible.

Please bear with us as this has a huge impact on our business as well and through this critical time of year. If we can assist in any way please let us know.

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