Resolved Tornado Aftermath

Resolved Tornado Aftermath

EDIT: All service has been restored and we are back to normal operation. Thank you everyone for your patience once again!

Friday evening there were several confirmed tornadoes that touched down to the south of our area, causing major damage to many of our neighboring communities. While all is well here, we are a part of infrastructure outages of our landline internet and phone relating to the storm. We do not have any word on when services will be restored, and until we get these services back we will be in diminished capacity with only a lone hotspot to run our all of our equipment here.

We will continue to fulfill orders and operate as close to normal as we can, but we may see slight delays of a day or two as we try to keep up. Our store will be open regular hours. If you need to call, please call our new directory based phoneline and press 2 to talk to someone that can help you.

We appreciate your patience and your support. This is not the time of year we want to be missing out on sales, and we appreciate everyone that goes out of their way to still purchase from us. It is a minor inconvenience compared to so many of our neighbors that have much larger issues to deal with.
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