Core 2021 and Double Master Preorder

Core 2021 and Double Master Preorder

What a time to be a Magic player...

We are opening preorders for both Core Set 2021 and Double Masters on our website in limited quantities. We have not received final numbers of what we are being allocated on some of these products, so what we have for offer is our safest numbers we can currently list.

We also would like to announce a new policy for preorders. We are putting in place our Preorder Price Promise policy on items that are market priced that may fluctuate between preorder windows and their release. If we decide to sell this item below what you preorder it for at the time of release, you'll get the difference refunded back to you in the form of store credit. If an item experiences a rise in price, you remain locked in and your preorder stays at the price you paid. Preorder with peace of mind at Card N All Gaming!

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