Location Based Inventory!

Location Based Inventory!

We are constantly trying to make things easier for our customers and use technology and information for your benefit beyond what any other local game store is doing. With multiple locations, it has been very confusing for customers to know where an item is when browsing the website. This is now corrected with our most recent addition of location based inventory.

You can now see exactly how much of a certain item we have in stock AND where that stock is located. This allows you to order online for local pick up from that location OR have that item shipped to you from our warehouse or stores. Note that you can only pick up from a location if your entire order is in stock at that location. We recommend doing this whenever possible for popular products, just in case there is an error or a sale that happens before you get to a store to get it!

Shipping makes more and more sense with gas prices, so if you aren't in a hurry this would be a cheaper and faster option than transferring an item's location for both us AND you, so take advantage of it!

There are a few situations where this feature isn't showing, but we are working to get it functioning with all of our products very soon. If you have any questions please let us know!

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