Thoughts & Timeline on Re-opening

Thoughts & Timeline on Re-opening

We wanted to take a moment and put out an official update on the store and the potential of reopening soon. We want everyone to have at least an idea of what to expect from us as we continue to see how the battle against COVID19 develops.

First, we can't predict how the next few weeks will play out. Based on government regulations, we are expected to be allowed to open on May 20. However, being a place that sells product and holds events makes this complicated. For retail, we still don't expect to be open outside of maybe solo customers with masks until June or even into July if we feel it's still not safe for our employees and customers to be in even as large a space as our store. That's why the web store will be so essential to us moving forward. The dream is for you all to be able to view exactly what we have in stock at all times from home. This reduces the amount of contacts in store and if you can do curbside, that will be the preferred way to conduct sales for the foreseeable future.

We know a major component about what makes stores like ours so great is the ability to host events. The situation on this front looks pretty bleak. We will not be hosting events until the data reflects the real possibility that we are in the clear and that doing so presents the absolute thinnest possibility of spreading the virus. So long as the face mask recommendation exists we won't be hosting events. We just can't have people together for hours, regardless of face masks, gloves, or personal bubble spheres. Unfortunately there's no way to simulate gathering how our customers did before this, but we can get pretty close by using things like our Discord channel, and by hosting things remotely. We are already doing trial runs of this with some games, with more games joining them in an official capacity soon.

Much of this probably isn't very encouraging to you all. Unfortunately this virus RUINS the game store experience everyone is used to. We have to change our business accordingly. We are making accommodations for the real possibility that we can't do events like we had previously - not to the same scale. To do so would be irresponsible. As an employer and an event center, we have to be better and more aware of how we accommodate long length visits where you are in close proximity to others. We personally feel responsible for our employee's and customer's health. It isn't something we take lightly and we refuse to allow any of us to be guinea pigs for how safe it is to be in a store like ours. Finding solutions and new ways to continue providing our same environment is something we look at and search for ideas for constantly.

We thank you for continuing to support us through all the changes we've had to make. What has been an extremely stressful time has also been one filled with love and support, and we appreciate those who continue to go out of their way to support us. Doing so has allowed us to adapt and ultimately give you better service than you could find elsewhere online. That's going to be our edge going forward, and we hope that you stick with us as we all try to figure our how to proceed in such unusual circumstances.

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