Where'd the Inventory Go?

Where'd the Inventory Go?

When we closed New Cut recently to do some upgrades to the store, it wasn't just in store changes that we had going on. We took the opportunity to make other inventory and Point of Sales changes as well. We now have a new POS system that will greatly improve video game buying and selling, allowing us to be more competitive on prices and using price points that you yourself use, like looking at Video Game Price Charting, ebay, and "competitor" stores for reference. Armed with this now built into our system, we can buy faster and offer more competitively, as well as automatically update our prices so we stay your top choice for buying games locally.

Unfortunately, with these changes we are no longer able to show our inventory online. It is a sad trade off, but this will be short term loss for long term gain. A complete online integration is on the way - we just don't have a date to expect that to be ready.

So what will the website now be used for? Card game preorders remain online, allowing us to ship nationally and still offer local pickup like we have. We also hope to continue to allow events to be posted and when we hold larger more competitive events, to allow for online registration and payment beforehand as well. We will continue to update store information and updates when they happen.

The card game system remains unchanged with us still using TCGPlayer kiosks in store for you to browse our inventory, see pricing, and view all conditions in stock with a simple search. And with the in store pick up option, buying from our TCGPlayer pro website is now the easiest way to buy cards at home and then pick them up in store. You can even have them sent to you just like if you were buying on the main TCGPlayer website. Our integration with TCGPlayer allows us to stay competitive with up to date prices, give you a modern way of viewing our inventory, and offer more for your cards when you bring them in to trade with us. It's a system we enjoy offering, and hopefully you find it convenient as well!

We remain and continue to advance ourselves to being the most modern and up to date game store in the area. We appreciate everyone continuing to support both locations - everything we do is to ensure we maintain our status as your favorite local game store. As always, if you ever have any feedback please let us know!

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