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Pokemon Bulk Lot: Commons & Uncommons + BONUS Ultra Rares

Pokemon Bulk Lot: Commons & Uncommons + BONUS Ultra Rares

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As a business with two game stores in Louisville, Kentucky, we have a LOT of Pokemon bulk. In the back of the stores, we have Mt. Saint Bulk, where we have millions of cards to choose from to make card lots with. Thank you for looking at our listings, our aim is to get you exactly what you want without any shady random scams or lottery chances - we give you exactly what we say!

This is a listing for common and uncommon Pokemon cards. This lot will contain no energies or trainer cards - just Pokemon! This is great way to get a big collection for as cheap as possible! While we do our best to over each lot as much variety as possibly, it may include duplicates, as these lots are made from a random selection from our bulk supply each time. All cards will be English and mostly Near Mint/Light Play, so all your cards will be in collector condition.

As a thank you we will throw in FREE ultra rares based on the lot you purchase: 50 card lots get 1 free, 250 get 2 free, and 1000 card lots get 4 free!

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